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Ava’s Law Impact: Victory for Children with Autism

April 21, 2015

POOLER, GA –Georgia will soon become the 41st state to mandate insurance for children with Autism. 38 states have Autism Insurance laws. Six states including Georgia have passed Autism bills. Ohio is thinking about it, and five states have no plan to pass any autism bill. Georgia’s bill is named for Ava Bullard of Lyons. WATCH View More

Autism Treatment Remains Out of Reach for Many Families

March 10, 2015

Identifying autism as the cause of her 2-year-old daughter’s troubling silence was the simple part for Anna Bullard. Finding a service provider and the money to pay for treatment proved difficult. The Bullards are on the health plan for state workers and teachers, which didn’t include coverage for autism treatment until this year. With help View More

Chatham County Living Magazine: Ava’s Law and Early Autism Project

February 10, 2015

This mother leads the fight to get the help her daughter so desperately needed which has become a platform for all of Georgia’s children who are handed the blow of an Autism diagnosis. We didn’t raise our children around a table of political debate. Family meals were filled with simple stories about life in the south View More

EAP’s Anna Bullard Honored by Autism Speaks

November 17, 2014

NASHVILLE, TN — Autism Speaks announced its 2014 advocacy awards at the 9th annual Autism Law Summit held here, presenting the Speak Out Award to Anna Bullard and her daughter Ava from Georgia. The awards are presented at the annual conference to honor those individuals and groups whose advocacy on behalf of people with autism View More

Lyons Mom Keeps Pushing for Ava’s Law

January 14, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia – A Lyons, Georgia mother who WSAV introduced you to last year is taking her fight for Autism Insurance back to the state capitol this year. This time Anna Bullard has strong support from some lawmakers. The Senate and House sponsors of Ava’s Law said they will press forward for passage of the View More

Ava’s Law: EAP Mom Advocates for Autism Insurance in Georgia

January 13, 2014

We invite you to meet eight-year-old Ava Bullard and her mother, Anna Bullard. In this video, Ms. Bullard describes her feelings upon learning Ava has autism. When Ava received her diagnosis at age two, Ms. Bullard was told her little girl would never be able to speak – even to say the word “mama.” “I View More

Fighting for Ava’s Law

May 9, 2013

Ava Bullard is a star on stage. The 8-year-old is making strides after a diagnosis with limitations that are not destiny. Mom Anna Bullard realized at 12 months that Ava was struggling to communicate. “Wasn’t walking, wasn’t talking, waving, raising her arms to be picked up, nothing you know, wouldn’t play with toys.” Barely sleeping, View More

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