Autism Behavior Associates Inc is dedicated to enabling individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders to live their life to their maximum potential.

What We Do

Autism Behavior Associates, Inc. (ABA Inc.) provides behavior-based interventions to all individuals with behavior programming needs with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

We rely on research-based methods to develop programs for individuals to enhance their quality of life, independent living skills, communication, social and academic skills. Behavior and educational service delivery is intensive in nature and based on Applied Behavior Analysis principles designed around the individual's needs. 

Our primary focus is to increase student achievement in the areas of academic, adaptive, social and communication skills by utilizing proven research-based methods. ABA Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of positive behavior support practices and hopes to share behavior and educational principles with families and communities to ensure students play an active role in society. 

Evaluations, Consultations and Staff Trainings

Evaluations may be conducted informally and or formally based on the assessment needs. The following assessments are offered (but not limited to): Functional Behavior Analysis, Baseline Skill Assessments, Adaptive Skills (Vineland II and or standardized and non standardized measures), Cognitive Functioning, Behavior Observations, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Academic Achievement (standardized) and assessment of current social skills.

Consultation may occur in school, home and or community settings to help with either an individual or group/class need. A Lead Therapist must evaluate all consultative requests and or make recommendations and assign a senior therapist as needed.

Training may be available for individual staff members, parents, siblings, or for entire school districts. The training of single staff members and or parents will be designed specifically to the student/individual they are working with. Topics of trainings for workshops and length of training must agreed upon and outlined in writing by all parties involved.

Community-Based Service Interventions

Line Staff (one on one), Senior Therapists and Lead Therapist may work with the client in the community to allow the client access to specific community based activities. Services delivery hours may be anywhere from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. as agreed upon. The amount of hours serviced may vary from 6 to 40 hours per week. It is recommended that a parent, guardian, family member or any other individual involved with the client attend the community based training to best generalize the learned skill. A parent and or guardian have to sign the Line Staff’s hours each day services are provided.

Infant & Early Childhood Service Interventions (Ages 0-3)

These services are developed to meet the needs of families and their children ages 0 to 3 who have significant developmental delay. Services are implemented within the guideline of the Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) and focuses on the parent/child relationship. Collaboration with parents and state service coordinators/providers is essential for optimal progress.

Psychological Services:

  • Initial/ongoing assessment for eligibility purposes (IFSP) and development of intervention treatment plans that address functional skill development in areas such as play, social, behavior, communication, fine/gross motor and cognitive processing.
  • Individual, staff, parent, and family training/guidance in understanding and implementation of age appropriate skills, such as social and play.
  • Individual, staff, parent, and family training/guidance in understanding their child’s disability related to his/her development in areas of social, play, behavior, and cognitive development.
  • Respite Care may be provided in home or in agency.

Social/Emotional Interventions such as:

  • Evaluation of social/emotional development and environmental setting in the home.
  • Individual family or group counseling and or training in the area related to the child’s disability.

Home-Based Service Interventions

Line Staff (one on one), Senior Therapists and Lead Therapist may work in the clients home to implement services. Services delivery hours may be anywhere from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. as agreed upon. The amount of hours serviced may vary from 6 to 40 hours per week. A parent and or guardian must be present in the home when services are being provided. A parent and or guardian signs the Line Staff’s hours each day services are provided.

Agency-Based Service Interventions

Services provided at ABA Inc. may vary from a one time assessment to ongoing daily behavior therapy. Each child has different needs and will receive a thorough assessment to properly evaluate baseline skills. Clients are accepted as part time, full time or on an after school programming basis. Agency attendance is based on the student’s needs and age. Client ages 3 to 15 are accepted at ABA Inc. However, ABA Inc. staff will service ages 0-21 in their home and community settings. Individuals over the age of 21 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How Service Providers Support Optimal Outcomes

Parent or community agency representatives interested in ABA Inc. becoming a provider should contact ABA Inc. staff and set up a meeting. For consultative, evaluation or training service needs, ABA Inc. and the requesting party will agree upon a set amount of hours to be serviced as well as a written agreement to the type of services which will be provided. In all consultative, evaluation or training needs a Lead Therapist will initially be involved to make recommendations.

In-Home or In-Agency services must start with an assessment by a Lead Therapist and Senior Therapist to outline a treatment plan that includes all or some of the following areas: educational, social, play, community, communicative, self-help/independent living, and or behavior goals.


Funding Options

Tricare/Triwest ECHO Program (Basic ABA) 

We are providing services under the ECHO Basic ABA Program. Under this program may be available up to $3,000 per month provided either by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). Services usually range around 6 hours per week.

We are also providing services under the ECHO Autism Demonstration Program, which also funds up to $3,000 per month. This program differs in that a BCBA first conducts a functional behavior assessment and develops a treatment plan. A highly qualified one on one tutor will implement the programs with the supervision of the BCBA. Under the this program the client may receive upt to 13 hours per week on average.

Contact your child’s EFMP or ECHO program coordinator for more details or call our main office at 719-571-9830 for more information.

Private Insurance

ABA Inc. is a has provided Applied Behavior Analysis services for clients under the following Insurance Agencies:

  • Tricare/Tri-west
  • Unites Health Care – (In network provider)
  • Cover Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plan
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Anthem
  • Ameriben
  • Summit
  • Kaiser – Value Options

Please note: Each client has to be authorized by the individual insurance carrier prior to any service delivery. ABA Inc. insurance billing staff will contact your specific insurance company and obtain status. ABA Inc. will contact any insurance carrier and attempt to obtain appropriate authorization. The above list is just an example of some of the insurance carriers.

Autism Waiver (0-6)

ABA Inc. is a certified medicaid provider for the autism waiver. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: The State of Colorado has 20 Community Center Boards and you must contact the one near you. You will find a list of the CCB's on the 'Recources' page. ABA Inc. works throughout the state of Colorado as well as consults out of state.

Long Term Care Medicaid

ABA Inc. is in the process of becoming a certified long term care medicaid provider.

Child Extensive Service Waiver (CES 0-18)

ABA Inc. can bill through the CES waiver services. Please contact us for more information.

Private Funding

Invoices will be sent directly to the parents who contracted the services.

Purchase Orders

ABA Inc. accepts purchase orders.


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